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Garages of America combines sought-after real estate asset classes into one real estate investment fund.

Garages of America Fund I

Garages of America Fund I, LLC is a private real estate development fund focused on development of Luxury Garage and storage facilities across the country.

Business Plan

Structured for an unpredictable future, the Fund employs an innovative investment strategy designed to produce higher returns with reduced risk by developing complementary storage assets in one fund.

The Fund combines highly sought-after real estate asset classes: Luxury Garages, Self-Storage & Flex-Space.  By uniting these asset classes into one portfolio, we expect to provide investors above-market preferred and internal rates of return.

Ultimately, the Fund will sell the Luxury Garage units and utilize the sales proceeds to return capital and profits to investors.  The Fund will also generate additional cash flow and returns from the remaining storage assets.

Fund at a Glance

3 Years
Target IRR% 20% - 25%
20% - 25%
Fund Life 7-10 Years
7-10 Years
Investment Period Ends October 31, 2023
Ends October 31, 2023
Target Asset Classes Luxury Garages, Self-Storage, & Flex-Space
Luxury Garages, Self-Storage, & Flex-Space

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Luxury Garages

Luxury Garage concept perfected over the last 7 years to meet incredible demand.

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Traditional Self-Storage has proven to be a top performing commercial real estate asset class for decades.

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Ready to Start Investing?

Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Garages of America strives to break the mold of smoke and mirrors of many investment offerings. Most developers are highly incentivized to sell as quickly as possible, minimizing the cash flow and tax benefits that investors may receive from owning real estate. Many real estate sponsors also rely on low interest rates and cash-out refinances at interest rates much lower than today’s rates to execute their business plans. These types of offerings are not founded on fundamentals of finance, but rather are a product of luck and we believe may struggle in a different economic environment. Garages of America takes a very different approach and does not rely on low interest rates to deliver our distributions once we stabilize our rental portfolio. Our offering is aimed at developing high quality, low leverage real estate to provide consistent above market returns to our investors.

While each project is different and separate with its own private entrance and security, both are complementary and often drive traffic to each other. Although each type of garage appeals to a different demographic, demand for both types of garages is strong. The Luxury Garages historically sell-out with back-up offers prior to construction completion.

It certainly can be.  When a development fund liquidates some of its properties early in the fund’s life, it often generates significant short-term revenue and reduces costly debt and carrying charges. Our Fund is more of an equity play that does not require refinancing in later years to strip equity from properties to return “profit” to investors.

Garages of America Fund I seeks to provide investors the opportunity to partner with a real estate developer and profit from a business model not commonly available to the general public.  The Fund offers a class of real estate that is difficult to access in other funds and a business model designed to increase returns and mitigate risk.

Garages of America was formed to offer real estate investments to investors that know real estate. The Fund has a simple, transparent structure that allows investors the ability to effortlessly evaluate our business model and understand its projected returns and strategy to reduce risk.